8 teams reach quarterfinals in Copa America

Copa America is moving on to the next stage and now that the groups are behind us, the elimination rounds can begin.

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During the previous games there were a couple of surprising results and none of the favorite teams managed to win all three matches.
As always, Argentina is among the favorites and on this particular occasion the

South Americans have the first chance at lifting the trophy. The odds have moved slightly against them after the group stage, due to the fact that they were unable to defeat opponents by convincing margins.


It definitely doesn’t help that they will take on Columbia in the next round and their opponents have plenty of options up front, while Argentina has significant problems with its backline.

So far, they allowed plenty of goals and even though they had no problem in exercising pressure against opponents, this is one of the toughest teams they could’ve faced.

Colombia managed to defeat Brazil earlier this month and that match should serve as a cautionary tale for those who would be quick to dismiss them against Argentina. What the team lacks is discipline and if they manage to keep their players in check while playing on to their offensive strengths, a surprise shouldn’t be ruled out.


Brazil takes on Paraguay, which already stunned Argentina in the group stage by scoring two late goals to level the score in a match in which they were heavy underdogs.

They are very likely to stick to the same strategy that paid off, while Brazil will try to take the initiative and score early in the game. This has the potential of turning into a high scoring game, if the multiple world champions don’t pay attention.

Chile and Uruguay meeting the first of the quarterfinals and this is another action-packed match that could go in either way. Under normal circumstances, the latter was have the same chance to advance to the semifinals, but Chile is the home nation.

They played brilliantly well in the group stage and scored plenty of goals, but they will have to compete against a team that has a spectacular offensive Trident.

Bolivia and Peru meet in the final quarterfinal, with whose outcome is difficult to predict but also a match that qualifies for the title of least exciting game of the stage.