Casino Blu players invited to explore the new thematic slots

Casino Blu starts the new year in the same strong fashion as 2016. There are hundreds ofcasino-blu games that can already be played here and many more will be added.

In 2017, the casino has announced its intention to focus more on thematic games. Their members can now play the best Asian slots and discover the Far East while winning serious cash.

Players are invited to take a trip to a distant and fascinating realm with their best Asian slots compatible with mobile devices.

The timeless fascination with the Far East has motivated software developers to produce increasingly better titles. Casino Blu came up with the top games that feature all the iconic elements of this realm and use the best casino software for games. The result is a list of slots that will cause your heart to skip a bit as the reels start spinning. They have their reels populated by kung fu masters, charming geishas and beautiful Koi fish among other signs.. As you take a virtual vacation in Asia, stick to the top games they recommend for the ultimate gaming experience.

Slots inspired by TV shows and holidays

Casino Blu has some of the best promotions around holidays and rewards those who celebrate their spirit. The best Halloween slots here will scare you off for all the good reasons and are available all year long. Kids and adults alike love Halloween and regard it as one of their favorite holidays. If you play at this casinosyou don’t even have to wait for November because these games are here to stay. There are hundreds of games out there featuring witches, ghosts, warlocks and goblins.

Casino Blu helps players narrow down the search by focusing on the best games that are worth your time. Now you can celebrate Halloween throughout the year thanks to these games, as developers take great pride in scaring the players straight, but they do it with the best intentions. The best casino software for games is used so you don’t actually take any chances when playing. Conquer your fears and win!

Players can also bring Hollywood home with the best TV show slot machines. If your enthusiasm for TV shows comes only second to slot machines you can consider yourself lucky. With so many great shows out there and many software developers working on slots, it wasn’t an easy task. The result will meet your expectations and you’ll play games featuring your favorite movie characters. Some slots are inspired by competitive TV shows, others draw inspiration from video games turned movies. Everything from Little Britain to South Park and great series such as the Sopranos or Battle Star Galactica is featured.

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