Choose your allegiance at Mirror Bingo

Eurofortune casino promises to make the September special and if you haven’t experience the 72a4cad4-56e8-4210-9de0-067b9b162a4cthrills of this beautiful game yet, jump on the bandwagon right away.

Some great promotions have concluded on August 31 but they were swiftly replaced by equally tempting ones.

Angel or Devil is a shining example of a new campaign that offers nice rewards and also gets players immersed into a brand-new game.

The first decision that players need to make is whether to play for free as a Bingo Angel and compete for a cash prize of €10 or make a tiny investment and have a chance to win more.

A Mirror Devil player will have to spend no more than one or two cents on bingo tickets and in exchange for his or her financial commitment will enter the race for a €20 paycheck. It is twice as much money than if you were to play for free, but then again you are expected to take money out of pocket.


The decision is not that difficult as it might sound, since Mirror Bingo only requires players to spend a tiny amount. Those who opt in for the free games should know that these are the Superbooks and one can hold no more than 72 tickets at one time.

This is in line with the industry standard and also similar to previous promotions run by this bingo operator, so members will find the terms reasonable.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and if you spend enough time the September playing bingo, he will discover other juicy campaigns. One goes by the name of Mission: Free Bonus! and it encourages players to step inside the Heaven room every day between 4 and 8 PM.

The bingo room will be awarded bonus codes and each of them is worth €5, but the trick is that they have a limited number and only the first five players who enter the room will collect them.

Basically they reward not only loyalty but also good reflexes and perfect timing, so make sure you are not late for these bonuses.

In the same bingo room, more code will be awarded on Sunday be doing seven and 8 PM and the winners will compete for cash prizes as well as microwaves, kettles and toasters.

At least in theory it is possible to win both an electronic device and a bonus, but the odds are slim to none.