Hall of Gods Jackpot rises at Dansk777 Casino

Progressive jackpots are the catalyst for most online casino players who are hooked on slot machines and their popularity is unlikely to dwindle.

Dansk777 Casino has plenty of such games and many of them have crossed psychological thresholds in the past, while making numerous millionaires.

Winning a life-changing amount is the best case scenario, but as they chase the top prize, players are also provided with the means to win lower amounts.

Mega Fortune and Mega Fortune Dreams are two of the best paying slot machines and their winners collecting amounts exceeding €4 million.

It’s a lot of money and even when the jackpot is reset to its initial value, the next winner is guaranteed to win a seven digit amount. Having said this, the number of participants increases radically during those periods of time when the first prize could set records.

Hall of Gods Jackpot is the one that everyone is talking about, because when somebody will finally win the prize, it will exceed €7 million. It’s been a while since a player took home such a significant amount, but it is only a matter of time as the jackpot appears to be over and you.

At least in theory, players can win the jackpot in consecutive days or an entire year can pass between someone hits the winning combination and the moment that another player claims the jackpot.

Nevertheless, statistics reveal the fact that the Hall of Gods Jackpot is won on average twice per year, so when this deadline is passed, the first prize increases rapidly.

Not only the number of players increases, but the sheer size of the jackpot act as a magnet, joined in players who don’t necessarily play video slots on a daily basis.


Over the last couple of years, a trend has emerged and it looks like Scandinavian players are luckier than most of their European counterparts.
Many of the recent winners reside in Sweden or Norway, not that surprising, given the fact that players from these countries are very active.

The particularity of progressive jackpots consists in the fact that they are shared by many online casinos, instead of being won locally. Competition is elevated, but this is a small price to pay in exchange of having the chance to win a seven digit amount or even more.