The end goal is the same as in Texas hold ‘em

There is a single game that comes even close to rivaling Texas hold ‘em and it goes by the name of Omaha Hold’em. It has many similarities with the aforementioned poker variant but also a few new rules and overall it is regarded as a slightly more complex type of poker.

Many of those who were successful at Texas hold ‘em tables found it worthwhile to make the transition to this game and a fraction of them never return to their game of choice.


Overview of Omaha poker

As stated above, the game has many similarities to Texas hold ‘em but the differences are the ones that stand out from the crowd.

To start with, players receive four cards instead of two right from the start and they need to combine them with the five community cards. The structure of the game is the same, with the pre-flop stage being the first, followed by the flop, turn and River and the winners can be decided on showdown, or earlier if all but one player fold their cards.


There are different types of Omaha poker and the one that is played often online is Omaha hi lo, which adds a new layer of complexity to this game. The best winning combinations are made with the strongest and weakest possible hand, so participants need to focus on both possibilities all the time.

This is the game that some of the best Omaha players are enjoying on a daily basis and also the one that is preferred by players who compete at nosebleed limits online.

Principle and rules of Omaha poker

The end goal is the same as in Texas hold ‘em, with players being supposed to win the pot by making the best combination of five cards.

In Omaha hi lo both the strongest and the weakest hands win, but this is the only difference and one that is easy to understand.

Another difference consists in the fact that four cards are being dealt and the trick is that players need to use two of them, in conjunction with three from the board. The bottom line, is that you can’t use all four hole cards, which will make it virtually impossible for opponents to predict the strength of your hand.

The five stages of the game are identical to Texas hold ‘em and the small blind ask first, followed by the big blind and so on until the dealer acts. Players can bet, call, raise, check and falls on each street and after the River, the showdown occurs when players reveal their cards and the best combination wins.