The Omusac goes strong at Inter Casino

Inter Casino never runs out of new ideas and whenever something good comes to their intercasinologomind, game developers are ready to share it with a broad audience.

Bonuses, free spins and other stuff that players collect for free are only going to go as far.

Many players spend a lot of time on social networks and that’s why bonuses are awarded to those who like the online casino on Facebook.

The latest promotions that can be enjoyed here start on Friday, but sometimes money is not everything that is up for grabs. A couple of weeks ago, Inter Casino decided to introduce a brand-new concept that will definitely appeal to those who enjoy comics.

The emphasis on Marvel comics and other superheroes is self evident among online gambling operators. They were more games releasing 2016 celebrating these heroes that in the last four years combined.

However, before jumping to conclusions you should know that the promotion starting at this casino is slightly different. Instead of pitting players against the same challenges posed by slot machines inspired by Marvel comics, Inter Casino comes up with something different. It goes by the name of Omusac and it is actually a sort of an acronym for observations from a parallel universe.


There is even a story behind this new and original concept, so players are expected to get fully immersed into the unique experience.
In a nutshell, anyone who finds comic strips interesting, should sign up for the newsletter. By doing so, they will be kept in the loop with the productions of the Swedish newspaper Metro +.

Obviously, they have the option of going online and following the saga on Facebook, so there are options for those interested. Each month, new characters and brand-new storylines emerge, with everything from cosmic giants and rodeos co comets being covered.

Those who don’t know a great deal about comics might feel that Omusac doesn’t make too much sense. This is only an illusion and once you spend enough time going over the comics, they will grow on you. The characters imagined by the developers are not only original but also convincing and it virtually impossible for players not to care about them. The stories about the fame, celebrity and everything in between will abound in autographs, paparazzi’s and such as.

You don’t even need to gamble real currency to enjoy this type of entertainment, so new members are welcomed with open arms. Omusac is here to stay and barring any unforeseen events, we can only assume that these characters will be around throughout the summer. Inter Casino is not going to stop here, so don’t assume that this is the last special think unveiled in 2016.

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