Visit Dubai in an all-expenses paid trip courtesy of Bet365 Bingo

The Middle East exercises a constant fascination for those who haven’t had bet365the chance of visiting this area, famous for its luxury.

Bet365 Bingo presents the first opportunity for bingo players and the proposition that the online gambling group makes is simply irresistible.

Those interested should know that a pair of winners will be traveling to Dubai later this year, with the winners to be decided at the beginning of May. The promotion itself concludes 10 days from now, so time is of the essence, especially with many players already enlisted.

The number of bingo games available has increased a lot since this division was opened by Bet365 and there are special rooms where players can enjoy various titles.

Kiss & Tell, The Catwalk, Super Star Bonanza, Bargain Bingo, Mojo Lounge and the Auction House are the ones that qualify for this promotion.

All those who decide to participate should be willing to commit an amount of at least €10, with the funds to be deposited via credit cards, e-wallets or transferred from the unified wallet.

As long as players deposit and wager a minimum amount of €10, they are automatically enlisted for this promotion and the most perseverant ones will collect a bundle of tokens.

These are the ones that will ultimately decide the names of the winners, with a high number of tokens resulting in better chances to win a top prize. The games available in the aforementioned rooms are the ones sought-after by most bingo fans, but they are not the only ones qualifying.

Bet365 Bingo decided to lift all restrictions and regardless of the games they prefer, players won’t be excluded from this campaign. The only advantage of playing in the recommended bingo rooms is that tokens are accumulated twice as fast, so the overall process is sped up significantly.

On the other hand, those who want to walk down the less traveled paths and play slot machines, should know that Sinbad and Seven High are the only two games that qualify.

The promotion started at the beginning of the month and will conclude shortly, with winners competing not only for the all-expenses-paid trip but also a VIP sporting experience.

There are also plenty of Samsung Galaxy Tablets up for grabs which represent more than a consolation prize.

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